The QSIS™ Probe System is a flue gas extraction system designed to provide particulate-free flue gas samples without altering the original vapor-phase elemental, oxidized, and total mercury concentrations. The QSIS™ System is the front-end system that couples with any sample conditioning system followed by a commercially-available elemental mercury measurement system. 

The unique part of the system is the QSIS™ Filter, which consists of an assembly with a porous filter element. Particles entrained in the gas stream are prevented from depositing on or penetrating into the porous filter wall by the high-speed scouring gas flow. The finer particles form a permeable subsurface, which does not allow the passage of contaminants smaller than the filter pore size. 

A thermal insulating boot covers the QSIS™ Probe to maintain appropriate operating temperatures of the gas extraction system.


•    Provides a particulate-free gas sample (up to 4 slpm)
•    Temperature controlled to alleviate any sample artifacts
•    Can be run continuously with minimal maintenance
•    Compact design allows for easy movement
•    Convenient control box, allowing for easy monitoring and
      control of the complete system