MTRS systems are unique air monitoring devices that can be utilized to sample a given area of concern in both the vertical and cross-sectional aspect downwind of a plume from point, line, or area sources. Up to 12 identical or different sample tubes of various media can be loaded into a MTRS unit at one time which alleviates the need to change sample media during a given test period. Sample flow and timing is controlled through a wireless telemetry system and custom software. MTRS systems can be utilized on balloon aerostats, UAS units, fixed towers, and other mobile or fixed sampling platforms.


The applications for this technology are practically limitless and include: real-time and post-processed sample collection using nearly any sampling platform. Apogee has utilized three MTRS units for airborne perflourocarbon tracer sampling during controlled plume releases from a CO2 sequestration test site. Other applications include sampling urban/remote ambient air sheds, pollution characterization studies, and release studies using tracers.


•    Lightweight - 3 lbs
•    Versatile and Expandable
•    Ability to Vary Flow Rates in Real-Time
•    Easily Deployable on Various Platforms
•    Real-Time Feedback of Data Collection and Position Status (GPS Integrated)
•    Remote Operation of Single or Multiple MTRS Units at One Time