•    Improves safety and integrity of sampled
      Oil and Gas facilities, pipelines, and landfills

•    Saves time with fast mobile leak detection

•    Simplifies reporting

•    Provides accurate measurements with no
      false positives

•    Operates easily, anywhere

•    Saves Money



  • An advanced, innovative system that is sensitive, fast and rugged
  • Measures methane, total hydrocarbons, and carbon dioxide simultaneously at sub-ppm concentrations
  • Monitoring rates of 50 samples per second
  • Survey tracks and leak locations are documented by GPS
  • Advanced software allows for immediate processing of data
  • Can be mounted on helicopters or ground vehicles, including trucks and ATVs


  • LDS sales and services for gaseous leak monitoring of your surface well facilities, gathering and transmission pipelines, compressor stations, storage facilities, and distribution pipelines
  • Meeting and documenting State and Federal Regulations compliance concerning methane and hydrocarbon leak detections


We specialize in finding advanced and affordable solutions to selected engineering and environmental problems. One of our leading resources is our Apogee Leak Detection System (LDS). Since 1998, this fully vetted instrument has been used on trucks, ATVs, and helicopters to find and quantify methane and gaseous hydrocarbon leaks from oil and gas well operations, processing plants, storage facilities, compressor stations, gathering, transmission, and distribution pipelines, and landfills.


Survey the area
We ensure safety, reduce emissions, and maximize profits

Find the leak
We rapidly hone in
on leak sources

Report and repair
We report leaks for immediate repair or put on a watch list