Center for Methane Emissions Solutions helping Colorado decrease methane emissions waste


A group of companies from all over Colorado are banding together to help reduce methane emissions waste across the state.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, methane is the second most predominant greenhouse gas emitted from human activities in the U.S. Greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere that can cause concerns for the environment. The Center for Methane Emissions Solutions is a group of companies working to reduce methane in Colorado by using what's called a leak detection system. Companies in this organization say detecting leaks provides a lot of benefits to the community.

"It benefits us by improving the air quality, by providing resources back to the community, and providing jobs to the community," said Jim Armstrong, president of Apogee Scientific.

"The methane mitigation industry hires lots of people to do leak detection and repair," said Patrick Von Bargen, executive director for the Center for Methane Emissions Solutions.

According to the E.P.A., methane emissions can be caused by wetlands, natural gas systems, and raising of livestock.

Colorado ranks third in the nation for the emerging methane mitigation industry.

Companies in this organization work directly with distribution pipeline companies right here in Grand Junction to prevent methane leaks.