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Apogee offers world class technologies and services to help our clients make informed decisions to maximize profit and compliance.

  Sorbent Injection Demonstrations and Support Services for Mercury Control

Apogee Scientific offers technologies, products and services to help our clients meet near- and long-term mercury control objectives and strategies.

PAC System Acceptance Testing

Mercury Sorbent Comparison Evaluations

Mercury Measurements

Apogee can help in understanding your vapor-phase mercury emissions utilizing proven CMM technology. We have provided real-time mercury measurements at over 38 power generation sites burning bituminous, subbituminous, or lignite coals.

Mercury Measurement Equipment Sales

Apogee offers the sale of the QSISTM Probe System - a complete particulate-free gas extraction system needed for accurate vapor-phase mercury measurements.

Mercury Sorbent Evaluations

Apogee has been involved with numerous commercial sorbent manufacturers in the development of carbon and non-carbon based mercury sorbents. We have a pilot-scale system on real flue-gas that will enable sorbents to be evaluated in a baghouse or ESP scenario. We also have the capability to evaluate the sorbents in a high SO3 environment.

Natural Gas Leak Ground and Airborne Detection Services

Apogee has developed an award-winning technology for detecting leaks from hydrocarbon liquids and gas pipelines, production and storage facilities, landfills, and coal-seem seeps.

Thermal Imaging System (TIS)

Apogee has developed an advanced diagnostic Thermal Imaging System (TIS) that has been successfully applied to experimental and production gasoline conventional pre-mixed and gasoline turbocharged direct injection (GTDI) reciprocating engines for capture of pre-ignition events and temperature measurements of various engine components.

Other Services Available:

Instrumentation Development and Integration
Atmospheric Chemistry Studies
Ambient Air Sampling and Analysis
Engineering Design and Analysis


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